Solar System Health Checks

What is involved in a Solar Health Check? Australian Standards recommend routine maintenance of all solar systems including the following:

  • System Performance: Check accuracy of Inverter readings compared with the original design summary
  • Inverter: Check and secure connections of DC & AC plugs
  • Wiring & connections:  Inspect circuit breaker / Isolator enclosures ensuring fittings & connections are tight and sealed as required
  • Visual panel check: Verify that there are no visual defects that may affect the performance of your system
  • Mounting Structure: Verify tightness and integrity of nuts & bolts
  • Protective Devices: Verify operation of Circuit breakers and isolators
  • General clean: Full panel clean to increase performance

*From $199

  • Price does not include additional repair work or replacement of parts if required.
  • Prices will be confirmed depending type of house & size of system.


Please click on the link below or call our office on (07) 3488 0363 for more information.

Health Checks take approximately 45-60 min.