Consulting Services

Green Energy Solutions specialises in the following commercial consulting services:

Recommendations on solar products for all capacity systems from commercial to utility scale

Testing, reporting and maintenance on existing solar systems of all sizes

Comprehensive design of commercial and utility scale solar projects

Tender writing for proposed commercial and utility scale projects

Energy monitoring, auditing and reporting

Design of off-grid power systems for remote services and equipment

Green Energy Solutions have all your solar energy needs covered

Whether you simply need recommendations on solar products, an off-grid solar system designed for a remote communications tower, or a utility scale MW capacity solar tender written and reported, Green Energy Solutions has the expertise and experience to complete the task at hand.

We have the ability in-house to provide the necessary assistance for all your proposed and future energy projects.

Every venture is given the attention and accuracy required to provide our clients with the knowledge required to economically and carefully consider the merits of their project.

If you are at a loss to understand the energy use patterns and costs associated with operating your commercial/industrial premises or you just want to know when and where your power is being consumed, we can help you with your needs.

Green Energy Solutions can assist with the design and installation of energy monitoring equipment to measure, calculate and quantify your energy patterns which can allow you to visualise your usage and identify any excess or anomalies within the premises.

Contact our office on (07) 3488 0363 to discuss your specific needs in more detail.